Thai Buddha Images : Gestures and Postures of the Buddha. Buddha images of different historic periods in Thailand. shows Buddha images from Thailand with different postures and gestures. The hand gestures of the Buddha images are explained. The different styles of Buddha images in Thailand (according to historical periods) are exemplified. Besides the life of the Buddha, we also feature the 10 previous lives of the Buddha (the Jataka Tales) as seen in mural paintings in Thai temples.

Hand gestures of the Buddha

Hand Gestures of Buddha Images :
The six main mudras
Dhyana Mudra (Meditation)
Bhumisparsha Mudra (Subduing Mara)
Abhaya Mudra (Fearlessness)
Vitarka Mudra (Teaching)
Varada Mudra (Blessing, Gift)

Characteristics and Postures of Buddha Images :
Sitting Buddhas
Reclining Buddhas
Seven Days of the Buddha (Buddha images for each day of the week)


Historicical Buddha images in Thailand


The Jataka Tales on mural paintings in Thai temples


Thai temples and monasteries, Wat Pho, Bangkok


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